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My Quest To Go Tiny & Travel

I bought a 1965 Shasta Camper
I want a Shasta!


In order for any of this to make sense, we need to start somewhere near the beginning…


As many of you know, over the past several years I have been on a mission to downsize all of the “STUFF” I’ve been “hoarding-on-to” that I’ve accumulated over the first stretch of my life.

You know all the “STUFF” that we “hoard-on-to” because we hope to use it in the future, or things that have memories attached the them even though you’ll never use it again. That “STUFF” that’s tucked in different places here and there that you don’t really know you have until you do something like, move and question why you have it.

Like a 4 piece set of dishes to serve 8 people, when I live alone now that my son moved out and I very rarely have guests, much less those who eat.

Yeah that “STUFF“!

Since I started getting rid of my “STUFF” I honestly feel better! It’s weird, but true. Maybe it’s just a mental thing but who cares if it makes me feel less weighed down, right?

The main reason I’ve been pushing to get rid of my “STUFF” is because I’ve become almost obsessed with the whole tiny house movement, and have dreams of one day starting my own self-sustaining tiny home eco-village.

I have gone round and round about where and how to begin, and even down to the building materials to use that are eco-friendly and cost effective. But honestly that’s way ahead of the game for me right now and I need to take a more realistic step and do what I can in the here and now.


So, my first major step in the direction of “tiny” started when I moved somewhere down to Georgia from Virginia in the spring of 2017.

It was me getting out of the city, downsizing, to breath some fresh air, see blue skies and starry nights, warmer weather, cheaper and most importantly it was QUIET!!! (story coming soon on that adventure)

When I moved from tha VA to tha GA, my intention was to stay here in the little old 1930’s green house I found (not quite tiny yet), learn to be as eco-friendly as possible, grow my own food and eventually find land and start the tiny home eco-village.

My Little Green House

I got off to a great start with this and through some trial and error was able to make this little old house habitable for the fluctuating weather conditions I wasn’t expecting so far down south.

I even erected an awesome little greenhouse out back with solar power, the beginnings of geo-thermal heating for the winters and it even collects its own rainwater and watered itself. This thing rocks! (story coming there too)

I was on a straight path following “my plan“, but apparently God had something else planned for me


A year and five months after I landed here in BFE Georgia, a storm was brewing out in the Gulf that decided to take a direct hit on my little town of population 3,000 people (yep, story coming as well).

About a hour before the sun, stars, moon and literally ANY SOURCE OF LIGHT was swallowed up by Hurricane Michael, I was looking out the back door at my little greenhouse. I had gotten her as ready as possible to weather the storm.

I knew that this storm was going to be a doozy as Michael was projected to moonwalk through my backyard and his eye might even peep in my window, so I made sure to say a little prayer.

Gretchen the Greenhouse


Before the storm really started to pick up and I could hear Michael’s he-he, I ask God to please watch over my neighbors and the little town I lived in and to protect us all.

I asked him to keep my little house safe and allow me to continue to stay here because I liked my spot and was growing in many ways.

I prayed for him to protect my truck so I had transportation into town, because it’s a 30 minute drive to the closest wally-world, small town grocery stores don’t carry the healthy things I’ve come to enjoy since I restrict so much of what I put in my body now (removing toxins).

I finished my prayer with one last request… I said…

God… please watch over my little greenhouse, she means a lot to me and I enjoy learning to grow my own food and love the challenge of doing it eco-friendly…

and then… I added a BUT…

I said…  But Godif my greenhouse doesn’t make it through this storm, I’m just going to take it as you want me to continue pursuing the tiny home adventure and start traveling. Ok?? 

(See secretly in the back of my mind, and buried in my soul, I still had this deep desire to travel and see the world and dance my way across America)


The storm clouds rolled in and everything turned BLACK and the stage lights went out.

It wasn’t even an hour after I said my prayer, I looked outside and shined a flashlight towards my greenhouse trying to see through the reflecting rain, but I did not see my greenhouse at all…

I saw was what appeared to be a bush or tree branches, sitting in front of the greenhouse, I wasn’t sure. At least that was my hope. I wouldn’t know for certain until the sun peeled back the layers of clouds to shed some light on things. 

Little did I know, I was going to have a hard time even locating my poor little “Gretchen the Greenhouse” who was buried under a huge tree that landed directly dead center on her!

Yes, there’s a greenhouse in there… somewhere…


Once it was all said and done and the tree was removed, it was obvious that God was very clear about what I was to do next in my adventure walking with him.

You can’t just ignore something so blatantly obvious, especially after you basically asked for permission! Right!

Greenhouse Smashed

So… My quest to find the perfect mobile tiny home began…

Up next… The Search for My New Home on Wheels

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<p>I'm a woman of faith, a go getter and am up for whatever challenges life throws at me. I'm a quick learner, a self starter and like to face life head-on. I'm not perfect, nor will I ever be. I have lots of past experiences to share and many to come, which I hope to do here, with you!</p>

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    1. Thanks Jeannette! I’m super excited and a little scared but life is an adventure right and I’m just going to give it my all! Thanks for reading!

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