Friday, February 21, 2020
A Little About Me

What Can I Offer You?

So, I’m sure you’re asking yourself “Who is this chic and what could she tell me that someone else probably hasn’t already?”

My answer…. probably nothing!

But what I CAN share with you is that no matter what has happened in your life, is happening or even will happen in your life…. “you are not alone”.

In one way, shape or form we are all connected in this world and will experience things unimaginable, be it extraordinary or devastating. Life is hard enough these days with all social media, news coverage, natural disasters and wars each of us have to deal with. Did I forget to mention your parents, siblings, spouses, children, cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents? Then you have those whom we call our “friends”. This list doesn’t even cover a 1/3 of what people deal with, so anyone who looks at the big picture could see why there is so much chaos, suicides, medication usage, crime and so on.

So how do you make sense of it all, keep peace, know which way to go and what to do… how can you love your life?

Simple… You CHOOSE to.

My goal here is to help you see how you can change your life by the choices you make, your thoughts, what you say to yourself and others, changing your perspective, what you put in your body, who you spend your time with and where you project your energy and attention to.

Every choice you make today at this moment determines your future!

So the only way I know how to do this is to share my experiences with you and hope that what I share helps you to take the steps into the right direction to make the life you love as well. And I will be sure to share all the positive posts and images I find plus articles I read.

Stay positive and your life will turn around! But most importantly DO NOT doubt what I just said!!!


<p>I'm a woman of faith, a go getter and am up for whatever challenges life throws at me. I'm a quick learner, a self starter and like to face life head-on. I'm not perfect, nor will I ever be. I have lots of past experiences to share and many to come, which I hope to do here, with you!</p>

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